We could tell you that we have 100’s of millions of euros of sales behind us, present you with a flowery review of our 15 years plus of experience and our unblemished reputation or about our market leading approach but you’ve no doubt heard it all before! So we’ll cut to the chase and ask you a question instead – why NOT us?  After all, we have a pretty website, a cool logo, a simply fabulous name and a selection of properties which are second to none.  Surely that’s all you need right?

Well no, in our humble opinion there’s a lot more to this whole overseas property lark than simply looking good.  We believe it goes well beyond sourcing and showing clients the property of their dreams – it’s also about sharing, understanding and relating to those dreams.  For most of our clients, the purchasing of an overseas home is the culmination of many years of hard saving and harder working with those dreams, aspirations and hopes all wrapped up in that collection of bricks and tiles that is their very own ‘Place in the Sun’!  We believe that it’s that appreciation of a client’s motivations and expectations that sets us apart from so many other agents in the market.  We want a client to feel that we are searching for the right thing for them, not simply going through the motions.  We want to feel just as excited and elated as our clients do when they walk through the door and realise that this house is ‘the one’. We want to be able to hold their hands right through the process and watch them walk into ‘the’ property knowing that it is all that they’d hoped for and more.

So, getting back to the initial question – why us?  Well mainly because we care.  Because it matters to us that you are 100% happy with everything we do. Because we believe in treating you as we’d wish to be treated ourselves.  And because when everything is finished and you’re the proud owner of your dream home, we want you to tell everyone else how amazing we are!