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Stunning 3 Bedroom 2 bathroom Geodetic Villa. A new and green home concept!

This villa is the perfect choice for families with children of any age as it has a bathroom in the common areas. All the rooms are joined by the outdoor porch, which is a space to enjoy the house under the sun.

The main feature of its structure is determined by a wooden geodetic dome. This unique shape creates a pleasant interior space, facilitating natural ventilation and its construction is fast and relatively simple because it solves front, roof and structure in a single operation.

It is really a bio-construction built with criteria for a total ecological and environmentally friendly home, taking care of the selection of natural and healthy materials, integrating bio-climactic energy saving and thermal comfort strategies. The house is also self-sustainable in terms of energy and water, with a photovoltaic system and a system of waste water treatment and rainwater collection.

A geodesic housing is constructed of geodesic domes, which are built by bars following a geometry based on an icosahedron divisions, one of the 5 Platonic solids, a regular polyhedron of 20 triangular faces. This system can cover large areas with minimal material consumption and quickly, because of its modular composition, which also reduces costs.

Price not include: IVA, plot and planning permission. These can be supplied and installed throughout Spain

property features:

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Builds: 135 m2

Open Plan Kitchen


Tiled terrace

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